How to integrate with Planning Center




MinistrySafe’s integration with Planning Center will automatically report Awareness Training completion dates and scores directly to your Planning Center account. Users in your Planning Center account are automatically imported into the MinistrySafe Control Panel.

To integrate:

  • Click on the ‘Admin’ tab in the left-hand menu, then click on ‘Integrations’. in the top toolbar.
  • Click the ‘Integrate’ button below and log in to your Planning Center account.
  • We'll automatically synchronize the MinistrySafe Control Panel to match the list of users in your Planning Center account.
  • Assign, track, and manage trainings through our simple online system.
  • A user’s profile will automatically update in Planning Center upon completion of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, Skillful Screening Training, and Background Checks. (Below is an example of how this will appear in the user's profile in Planning Center)


The information pulled from Planning Center into the MinistrySafe Control Panel includes:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Planning Center user ID

Please Note:

At this time, you may choose Groups in Planning Center to be pulled into MinistrySafe.

To find out more about other available integrations, click here.
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