What is a Snapshot?


Available under the ‘Admin’ tab on the left-hand toolbar in the Control Panel, the Snapshot feature enables Administrators to easily and efficiently maintain records of the Organization’s child protection efforts. With the click of a button, our system takes a screenshot of active Users in the Control Panel.

The Snapshot is automatically stored in the Control Panel for safekeeping.

Snapshots record the following information:

  • Name
  • Tag(s)
  • Role
  • Employee/Volunteer
  • Awareness Training Status and Renewal Date
  • Background Check Status and Completion Date
  • Screening Process (Application, References, and Interview) Status

It is recommended that Snapshots be created on a regular basis (quarterly or biannually) for record retention purposes.

Here’s how to create a Snapshot:

  1. Select ‘Admin’ on the left-hand toolbar
  2. Select the ‘Snapshot’ tab in the top menu
  3. Click the green ‘Create Snapshot/Archive’ button

You will receive an email notification when the Snapshot is complete, and it will be viewable on the Snapshot page of the Control Panel.

To customize recorded information and export data from the Control Panel into an excel spreadsheet, create a report

Don’t see the ‘Admin’ tab? Only SSAs or Supervisors who have been given permission to access reporting can view this page. If you are a Supervisor and would like to access this page, contact your SSA to request that your role be changed to SSA or that you be given access to reporting. Learn more about roles here.

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