How to send training


The Control Panel provides three levels of trainings: each utilizing its own submenu to send and track training completion.

  • To send Sexual Abuse Awareness Training:
  1. Click Awareness Training in the left-hand toolbar.
  2. Click Send Training in the submenu on the left-hand toolbar.
  3. Check the names to the left of the users that you’d like to assign training.
  4. Click the blue Send Training button in the top left-hand corner.
  5. Select the type of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training you’d like to send. Learn more about the different types of Awareness Training here.
  6. Click Send Training. 

Note: The system sends training to users on one page at a time. If you have 3 pages of users, select the users you’d like to send training to on the first page and click Send Training. Follow this same process for subsequent pages. To increase the number of users shown on one page, toggle the number shown at the right-hand side of the page near the search bar.

Learn about customizing your training email here.

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