MinistrySafe Institute Description


Description: Practical, in-depth curriculum designed by child sexual abuse experts to equip Ministry leaders to better understand and address the risk of child sexual abuse. The core curriculum consists of 15 hours of content covering the following topics:

  • Course Modules Module 1: Understanding Sexual Abuse in Ministry Contexts
  • Module 2: Creating an Effective Safety System
  • Module 3: Skillful Screening Processes and Training
  • Module 4: Abuse Reporting Requirements
  • Module 5: Allegations of Sexual Abuse: Preparation and Response Plan
  • Module 6: Sexual Abuse Legislation and Changes in the Law
  • Module 7: A Model of Care for Abuse Survivors (Optional)

For a further breakdown of topics discussed in each module, click here.

Written materials created by industry experts support each module.

Intended for: Pinnacle Ministry employees, senior pastors, executive pastors, Ministry risk managers, child-serving program leaders, children’s Ministers, and youth pastors

Cost: $150 / person (billed when Training is assigned)

Duration: 7 modules totaling 15 hours

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