How to remove users


Users cannot be deleted for record-keeping purposes; read more about that here. However, users may be marked inactive. Inactive users will not appear on the main Manage Users page, cannot log into their profile, and cannot complete a training or a background check.

To mark a user as inactive:

  1. Click Manage Users on the left-hand toolbar.
  2. Search the name of the user you’d like to deactivate.
  3. Check the box to the left of the user’s name.
  4. At the top of the screen, click the red Make Inactive button that appears when an active user is checked. 

Tip: To view inactive users, toggle the filter on the Manage Users page to Inactive Users (next to the search bar).

Tip: To reactivate an inactive user, find the user in the Inactive Users filter and check the box to the left of the user’s name. Click the green Make Active button that appears when an inactive user is checked.

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