How are we billed?


The annual membership fee of $250 is paid at the time of sign-up and automatically renews every year unless canceled. This fee includes access to the MinistrySafe Control Panel and our comprehensive Document Library of sample policies and screening forms.

Background checks and trainings are billed on a per-person basis. On the first of every month, the organization’s credit card or ACH account is automatically billed for the prior month’s usage. An itemized invoice will be emailed to the billing email address on file. 


A training fee correlating to completion of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training appears on the monthly invoice if the training was completed. Because MinistrySafe recommends assigning Sexual Abuse Awareness Training to prospective staff members and volunteers as an element of an effective screening process, the account is not billed for those who do not complete the training. 

The training fee for higher levels of training, including Skillful Screening Training ($50) and MinistrySafe Institute ($150), are billed regardless of completion. These trainings are intended for (previously screened) individuals already employed or volunteering.

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