How to take action if an event becomes available related to a User enrolled in Continuous Monitoring.


As the Safety System Administrator, you will receive notifications whenever an alert, also known as an ‘Event’, is reported through Continuous Monitoring. 

To view events: 

  1. In the ‘Background Checks’ tab of your Control Panel, select ‘Continuous Monitoring.’ 

  1. Select ‘Monitoring Events.’ 

  1. New Events are reported under ‘Continuous Monitoring New Events.’ To view the Event, select the ‘Paper’ icon to the left of the User’s name or select ‘View' under the ‘Gear’ symbol. 


To manage an event

  1. Once reviewed, you may take action on the Event by selecting the ‘Gear’ symbol to the far right. 

  1. You may now View, Pre-adverse, or Acknowledge the Event. 

  • Pre-Adverse: Select if information in the Event may negatively affect the User’s continued involvement in your Ministry. For more information about the Adverse Action Process, click here
  •  Acknowledge: No immediate Adverse Action is needed. 


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