How to order background checks via QuickApp

There are two ways to order Background Checks. One is called the QUICKAPP. The QUICKAPP will send a secure email to your user and prompt them to fill out their information to run a check. For the LONGFORM, click HERE.


Click the BACKGROUND CHECKS tab on the left of the page, then click ORDER. Check the box of the USER or USERS you want to order a BACKGROUND CHECK for. Click SELECT LEVEL and choose the LEVEL you want to order. (Please note each LEVEL varies in price AND thoroughness). Once you have selected the appropriate level, click the blue ORDER QUICKAPP button.


A box will pop up prompting you to verify that your user's info is correct. YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOUR USER IS PROPERLY LABELED VOLUNTEER OR EMPLOYEE IN THEIR USER PROFILE. Once you have verified the information is correct, click ORDER.


Once the confirmation message appears, you have successfully ordered your background check(s). (NUMBER WILL VARY BASED ON HOW MANY CHECKS ARE ORDERED AT ONCE)

You can check the status of your Background Checks by clicking MANAGE under BACKGROUND CHECKS

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