How to order background checks via Long Form

There are two ways to order Background Checks. One is called the LONG FORM. The LONG FORM allows an Administrator to fill out a user's information on behalf of the user. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST HAVE A RELEASE FORM SIGNED FROM YOUR USER TO RUN THE LONG FORM FOR THEM. For the QUICKAPP, click HERE.


Click the BACKGROUND CHECKS tab on the left of the page, then click ORDER. Click SELECT LEVEL and choose the LEVEL you want to order. (Please note each LEVEL varies in price AND thoroughness). Once you have selected the appropriate level, click the LONG FORM button. (PLEASE NOTE: the LONG FORM button will not be clickable until you select a level and you CANNOT order LONG FORMS in batch).


The FIRST and LAST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS will autofill. Then fill out ALL FIELDS requested. (PLEASE NOTE: Fields may vary based on level of search.) Once you have completed the required fields, click SUBMIT

A confirmation message will appear upon completion. 


You can check the status of your Background Checks by clicking MANAGE under BACKGROUND CHECKS

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