How to add multiple users at once

In order to minimize the effort exerted by our clients with over 20 people to add at a time, we have made a batch import form available for you below to fill out that will allow us to add all of those users at once.


As the process of importing large numbers of users is quite complex, the need for following the instructions at the top of each column header, according to the listed specifications, is very important. It can take 1 to 2 business days for this form to be uploaded within our system so please plan accordingly.


Each import form must be filled out to the specifications of each column heading with a minimum of 20 users and no more than 250 users on each import form. This form must be returned within the CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.


Every column except for columns A, B, C and K need to be in all lowercase letters (these four columns are exceptions because they are user identifiers).


Please note these instructions below before starting on your import form:

COLUMNS A, B, C, D, and H are mandatory columns- If these columns are not filled out, your import form will be returned to you for edits.


COLUMN A - Email Address

COLUMN B - First Name

COLUMN C - Last Name

COLUMN D - Role Status (“trainee”-Basic user with training link access, “supervisor”-Some control panel access, “ssa”-Full control panel access). Note that if you change the role status of a user to “supervisor” or “ssa”, COLUMN E (once an optional field) becomes a mandatory field. By being given the role status of supervisor or higher, our system requires a user to have a “Username” to login to the control panel.

COLUMN H - User Type (“employee” or “volunteer”)


If you would like to send trainings to your users, you must specify what training you want to send by typing in the corresponding short codes below.


COLUMN P - SEND AWARENESS TRAININGS (OPTIONAL). Select from available trainings ("standard", "camp", "youth", "spanish", and "closed_captioned").

If you would like a training sent to your imported users, you must type this short code in corresponding COLUMN P, without the quotation marks surrounding the short code (“ ”).


If you do not specify a training to be sent to your users before the import form is uploaded, no trainings will be sent to your users when the import form is uploaded into your control panel.


If you send the import form in without specifying a training to be sent to your users, these users will need to be sent trainings from within your control panel under “Awareness Training”“Send Training”.


COLUMN K- TAGS (OPTIONAL). If you would like to sort your users into “TAGS”, or labeled categories, the corresponding “TAGS” need to be created within your control panel before uploading the import form with the specified “TAGS”. To learn how to add user TAGS please follow this helpful link to our Help Desk:


There are many more optional fields within the import form such as send a Background Check level (which requires an active background check account), entering notes into a user profile, or even uploading a photo URL for a user.


This form is an asset to our users and we hope if benefits your organization by minimizing the effort exerted when adding a large group of users.


All Import Forms Must be Sent to the Email Address of to ensure that they are entered within a timely manner.



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