How to set up a background check account

To get started on background checks, click Background Checks, and it will have you watch a 9-minute video and sign a disclosure form once it is finished. In 1-2 business days, we will have your background checks up and running.

To order background checks, go to Background Checks, Order, and then select the individuals/level you'd like to order. Select Order Quickapp at the top to send it to their email. The Longform option is where you would enter their information for them. 

The link will expire after 14 days. You will have to put in a new request if it does expire. You are not charged unless it is completed. 

Once a background check is completed, you will be able to view and Approve it. Once it's approved, it will move it into the View All tab. Be sure not to Approve it before completion as this will interrupt the process and you will have to archive and reorder.

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