How to Remove Planning Center Integration



MinistrySafe offers an integrated two-way connection with Planning Center, enabling churches to seamlessly track completion of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, Skillful Screening Training and Background Checks within Planning Center.

Under some circumstances, the need may arise to remove the integration. 

To remove your Planning Center integration: 

  1.  Click on ‘Admin’ on the left-hand toolbar. 

  1. Click ‘Integrations’ in the top toolbar. 

  1. Click ‘Learn More’ under the Planning Center integration. 

            Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 12.02.10 PM.png

  1. Click on ‘Disable Active Integration.’ 

Please Note: Removing the integration will not remove the integrated Users from your account. Check out our Help Center article concerning How to Remove Users here. If you would like all integrated Users removed, please contact us at 817-737-7233 or

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