Supervisor User Management Settings


Supervisors have three levels of User management:

  1. Access to all Users in the account.
  2. Limited access to shared Tags: Administrators may create Tags to label Users in organizational groups. If a Supervisor should see Users only within a Tag, check this box to limit visibility and assign the Tag(s) to the Supervisor’s User Profile. Supervisors will be able to manage any User who shares the same Tag(s).
  3. Limited access to manage Users with selected Tags - This function limits Supervisors to view and manage only Users with the Tag(s) selected in their settings. Separate from shared Tags, this function allows Supervisors to be assigned a Tag but not manage the Tag.

*Please note:

Supervisors may add Users and apply any Tag listed within the System. If a Supervisor does not have access to manage a Tag assigned to a User, the Supervisor will be unable to view the User, once added.

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